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San Francisco World Spirit Competition – GOLD

San Francisco World Spirit Competition 2019 Gold

San Francisco World Spirit Competition – GOLD Old Pilot’s Gin awarded GOLD medal on San Francisco World Spirit Competition 2019. ABOUT THE SAN FRANCISCO WORLD SPIRITS COMPETITION Since its introduction in 2000, the SFWSC has become one of the most respected and influential spirits competitions in the world. And that means that your award is […]


Coriander Seeds or latin Coriandrum Sativum are for many distillers part of the “Holy Trinity” together with juniper and angelica. In culinary world, the generic name “coriander” means coriander seeds or coriander leafs. In distillation world 99% of the “coriander” name refers to plant seeds. GREEKS, AGAIN The name of the plant comes from the […]


EGYPT Juniper communis or juniper was used in ancient Egypt because of its medicinal properties. There are records on papyrus from the 1550 BC suggesting that the herb is treating the headache and mixture of berries and oil treats parasitic infections. GREEKS In the 4th century BC Aristotel writes about the juniper as a cure. […]


Old Pilot's Gin

There are many types of gin and as their lover it is important for you to get to know them. It’s important for you to know what you are drinking! Gin Gin is a strong alcoholic drink made with juniper berries. Additional flavors can be added. The alcohol strength must be at least 37.5% ABV […]


The aroma of gin or how a plant such as Juniperus Communis, known in Croatia as a “klek”, “borovica” or “smrika”, “caught the eye” of man and after so many years created such an interesting story is very complicated. There was probably some attraction. Perhaps the juniper was attractive to some other, animal, species on […]