Orris root is actually the root of a beautiful Orris plant that blooms with beautiful flowers and grows all over the world. Several types are used: Iris Germanica, Iris Florentina or Iris Pallida.


Plant has once been very important in Western Europe medicine and today it is most often used as a base for many perfumes and many types of gin. To be able to use in the perfume industry the root needs to be dried 5 years before use. It is also used in Chinese medicine because it attributes aphrodisiac properties. The plants used in the making of perfumes were used by the Greeks and Romans.


The root of Iris Germanium and Iris Pallida is most commonly used in gin and gives it a sweet and floral fragrance note. Often, after the distillation, there is an “earthy” taste similar to the taste of fat. It gives complexity and texture to the gin.