Coriander Seeds or latin Coriandrum Sativum are for many distillers part of the “Holy Trinity” together with juniper and angelica. In culinary world, the generic name “coriander” means coriander seeds or coriander leafs. In distillation world 99% of the “coriander” name refers to plant seeds.


The name of the plant comes from the Greek word “koros” meaning “bug”. The taste / scent of coriander seeds will greatly affect the experience of gin so the distillers carry out a lot of research and look out where their seeds come from.


Regardless of whether they admit on their bottles the use of coriander seeds or not, one will be given a “citrus” note (γ – terpine). Indeed, many argue that most citrus flavors, in fact, come from coriander, not lemon.

Prior to distillation, some distillers deliberately crumble seeds, some toast and some macerate.

It is interesting to note that the second most important ingredient of coriander essential oil is α-pinen (the most important constituent of the juniper). Therefore combination of juniper and coriander seeds is that more logical. They combine perfectly!

Although citrus notes appear at the beginning of the “distillation road” ie at the beginning of the tongue, citrus notes of coriander appear at the end of the “heart” and at the end of the tongue. At the end of the 2nd dimension of the gin.